sábado, 22 de febrero de 2014

Life again

Today is the day to start writing in a foreign language. Even if I didn't try this before, I hopefully expect this could be a good experience for me, so I decided to try something, let's go!

She was not a pretty girl. She was not the most intelligent at all. But she was good for her good intentions, as the facts at that time had shown. Although she was usually in several and different problems, she was always trying to smile. One day, she took a decision. She knew her boyfriend was not being sincere at all, but she let it go. She was prepared for whatever life would offer her. And life offered her more life, the opportunity to live a little more and to take more unfortunate decisions, but also to be happy.

A few days ago, she started to think that opportunity was being wasted, and smiled a little. Life gave her more unfortunate details she would want to hide from. Now, she is decided to go around all these troubles and solve them, as far as she is concerned, there are good decades and bad ones. She loved a guy, she was good at what she loved, what was English, she lost her guy, she lost English, but she gained pretty more important things in life. And she started to reconsider how her attitude to world had been, and what she could do for doing life better.

She does not know what to expect from men, she does not know what to expect from English, from family, from friendship, from money, from love, from relationships, from work, from life... And she is doing what she is better at: being brave and corageous and giving an oportunity, not the last, to the things to get better and to receive a present from life again.

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